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Genealogy author and educator Thomas MacEntee of Smarter Genealogy shows how to save a record image at and why you should always save record images!

Here’s how to save a record image at . . . and why you should ALWAYS save these images as soon as you find them!

I’ve been using the website for over 20 years now and I’ve learned a few tricks about using the record images that are available for many records. You would think the procedure is easy, but there are several choices and the common “right-click, Save Image As” function won’t work.

Basically, you want to click VIEW IMAGE, then in the upper right corner click the SAVE button, A drop-down list of options will appear. Click Save to your computer.

Save Record Images to Your Computer RIGHT AWAY!

Did you know that every record set – from local church records to the US census records – are licensed to by the record provider? And did you also know that sometimes these licenses expire and the record images can disappear?

So what’s going on? What you may not realize is that the record sets are licensed to vendors like Ancestry with specific terms as to how they can be used and for how long they can be used by Ancestry members and subscribers.

Here’s a prime example that many of us who research in the Cook County, Illinois area understand: For many years, a researcher could access birth, marriage, and death certificates with images on and family search. Then suddenly one day proof! These records were gone and eventually replaced only by an index. So what happened? It turns out the Cook County let the licensing agreement with ancestry and family search expire without renewing the license their plan was to create their own site where they would sell the certificates for $15 each. This was well within the rights of Cook County since they are the owners of the documents and the document images. And if you look at it from the local or county government perspective they are always looking for ways to monetize assets and bring in income to avoid raising property taxes, other taxes, and other fees paid by its citizens as well as visitors.[i]

Also, saving a record image to a person in your tree or your Shoebox (“a folder on Ancestry in which you can store records you’re not ready to attach to your tree.”) is good BUT it should not be your only copy of that image.  What if were to shut down and give you 30 days notice? How would you get all those images downloaded?

[i] MacEntee, Thomas “Don’t Make this Big Mistake with,” 10 May 2018 (Abundant Genealogy, accessed 9 February 2019).

Ancestry Record Image Save Video

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See my recent article Don’t Make this Big Mistake with over at Abundant Genealogy about how record sets are licensed at Ancestry and other genealogy websites.

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