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[Editor’s Note: please keep in mind that the Smarter Genealogy site is BRAND NEW and using a new content management system (CMS) template. This means that the look may change periodically – I will do everything I can to make sure you are updated as to when and why things will change!]

Articles – coming soon!

Looking for new content for your genealogy society members? Tired of the same old articles that don’t catch the interest of your members? Here you’ll get access to over 50 different FREE articles that you can use, all in Microsoft Word format so they are easy to drop into your existing newsletter format!

Cheat Sheets

I’ve created a series of cheat sheets related to genealogy – click HERE to access. These are FREE to access and you are encouraged to SHARE them with other genealogists and genealogy societies. Please read the Copyright Policy HERE as to how you can use these materials.

Facebook Group

Click HERE to join the Smarter Genealogy Facebook Group. There you can post requests for assistance with your research, share resources and more.

Office Hours

You know how college professors or perhaps a teaching assistant would have office hours each week? You could drop in an ask questions and get help related to a specific topic? I’m often asked by my followers (sometimes jokingly but also seriously),  if they could just sit and “pick my brain” for an hour.  I don’t have time to do this on an individual basis, but how about setting up an ONLINE office hour webinar where you can ask me anything related to genealogy? Click HERE to access.


Click HERE to read the latest reviews of DNA, Genealogy and Family History products and services!


Short videos cover topics such as “How do I insert a hyperlink to a record on Ancestry in my Excel research log?” or “How should I rename my record image files so they make sense and I can easily find them?” Believe it or not, I have had the same type of questions and I’ve come up with some neat solutions. I’m happy to share my tips and tricks so you can find genealogy research success! Click HERE to access!

Webinars – coming soon!

Webinars and online education have become wildly popular over the past five years. Stay tuned for a list of FREE webinars here at Smarter Genealogy that will help you with issues such as tracking research, staying organized, citing sources and more.

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