Last Updated: January 1, 2019

Hi, I’m Thomas MacEntee, a genealogy and family history author and educator. I want to welcome you to my new site Smarter Genealogy – a website for family historians of all skill levels, from beginner to expert . . . featuring tips, templates, tricks and more!

So what is Smarter Genealogy?

If you’ve ever attended one of my lectures, either in-person or via webinar, you’ve probably heard me emphasize working “smarter” not “harder” when it comes to genealogy and family history research. Many times we tend to “over think” the genealogy research process and make it more difficult than it has to be. At the same time we need to make sure that we are following sound research standards like those found in the Genealogical Proof Standard.

At Smarter Genealogy you will find the resources you need exactly when you need them and in a format that is ­ and implement with your own research. Smarter Genealogy is not biased towards any one genealogy database program, any specific operating system, any specific device, or any specific method of researching.

And the best part? It’s all FREE! There are no membership fees, there are no payment buttons, and students of smarter genealogy are encouraged to share the resources with their colleagues, their friends, their family members, and even their genealogy societies. All I ask is that when sharing you respect basic copyright of the materials and ask permission for special uses of materials (in newsletters, on websites, etc.)

What Happened to The Genealogy Do-Over?

The Genealogy Do-Over did not go away! After four years, the concept of The Genealogy Do-Over has become a bit stale. In addition the Do-Over is based on a January to December calendar scheme which has made it difficult for some people to join at other times of the year, say in July or September. The Genealogy Do-Over can still be accessed at https://genealogydo-over.com.

The Genealogy Do-Over Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/genealogydoover/) is still active as well and WILL NOT be replaced by the Smarter Genealogy Facebook Group. All current members of The Genealogy Do-Over group will be invited to join the new Smarter Genealogy group when it is up and running.

Features You’ll Find at Smarter Genealogy

Here is a list of what is currently available and what I anticipate adding within the next few months:

  • Templates (Research Logs, Preserving Family Stories, Family Interviews, etc.)
  • Cheat Sheets (Google, Facebook, Pinterest)
  • Guides (DNA, World War I)
  • Videos (Evernote, Basic Excel, Basic Word, Advanced Technology)
  • Exercises and Challenges (One Touch Genealogy, Test Your DNA Knowledge)
  • Articles (available for reprint and sharing)

Is Smarter Genealogy Really FREE?

The short answer: YES. The long answer: IT’S COMPLICATED. I’ve been running my own genealogy business for close to 10 years now. I know that many people in the genealogy field, whether they are hobbyists or professionals, are asked to pay for many different resources. This includes subscriptions for access to records and resource materials, educational webinars and workshops, as well as books and other products and services. Often, you feel like you are “nickeled and dimed” when it comes to genealogy resources.

My goal with Smarter Genealogy is to offer something different. All resources are 100% free. PERIOD. I do use affiliate links and advertisements to cover the costs of running the Smarter Genealogy website. What does this mean? It means when you click on the link to Ancestry DNA, for example, you see the same sale price and offer that you would see if you searched on Google or another major search engine or if you visited the Ancestry website. The product or service is never priced higher because of the affiliate link; in fact I try hard to always find the best price for you! If you do ultimately purchase the product or service using my affiliate links I will receive a commission anywhere from 5% to 50%.

It doesn’t bother me that you may never click on an ad or purchase a product through these links. I’m just happy that you have access to the materials you need to be a better genealogist.

Your Input Needed!

I would appreciate any feedback you might have as to what is working (and not working) about Smarter Genealogy. I also want your suggestions as to future content and areas of training that would help YOU as well as other family historians. Feel free to drop me a line a smartergenealogy@gmail.com

Thomas MacEntee
Founder, Smarter Genealogy

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